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Hot Water Cylinder installation in Poole and Bournemouth

Hot Water Cylinders

A hot water cylinder is a ‘ready to use’ store of hot water that can be set thermostatically to give a constant temperature, typically 60-65°C, regardless of the outside temperature.

This means it can be blended down to a comfortable, usable temperature which gives a greatly increased volume of hot water available for use in the home.

The cylinders we supply set a new standard, they are designed to heat up faster and retain the heat for longer. That means householders can save money on fuel bills and still enjoy all the hot water they need, even for the biggest family 24 hours a day.

  • They have double thickness of CFC free Urethane foam lagging as standard, this adds approximately 100mm to the cylinder diameter (single thickness cylinders are available in 50mm).
  • 20 – 25 minute reheat time.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • British standard product.
  • More usable hot water.

Unvented H.W.

Unvented Cylinders From ARISTON :

Direct – Indirect – Twin Coil

  • Classico the quality steel tank is lined internally with an exclusive type of vitreous enamel coating. A magnesium anode protects against corrosion and the environmentally sound thermal tank insulation is also highly efficient against standing heat loss.
  • Primo is the high specification floor standing range developed with high-grade stainless steel cylinders carrying a 25 year tank guarantee as standard.
    Highly insulated for maximum operating economy and designed for long life and durability, they are pressure tested to 12 bar and give excellent corrosion resistance, even in aggressive water areas. With this sleek narrow design, all plumbing connections are accessible from the front.
  • The High Capacity offers an environmentally sound and highly efficient thermal insulation, with a unique coil design to allow a full quantity of water to be heated.
  • Wall Hung.